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Reiki Level Two (2nd Degree) Course

During the course of this weekend, we will cover [not exhaustive]:-

* Recap of Reiki Level One (1st Degree) and your Reiki Lineage.

* The passing on of three Reiki Symbols and their meanings.

* The use of the Symbols in Reiki Treatments and everyday life.

* The technique and practice of distance healing.

* Receive a further 4 attunements.​​

The course is carried out by an Accredited Reiki Master who received her training through an FHT Accredited Training Provider.  The course is carried out over 2 days.    

The course that you will take part in at Olettesa will follow the original Reiki traditions that have been handed down from Master to Student going all the way back up through my lineage to Takata, Hayashi and Usui. 

Once you have completed your Reiki Level One (1st Degree) you may feel that you wish to progress on to Reiki Level Two (2nd Degree).  If you do wish to take your Reiki training to the next level and complete your Reiki Level Two (2nd Degree) a minimum period of 6 months must have passed after completing your Reiki Level One (1st Degree) training.

Reiki Level Two (2nd Degree) Traditional Certificate.  

(15 hours over a 2 day weekend).


This is the traditional Reiki Level Two (2nd Degree) which offers the student a standard practitioner qualification.  This is the course you need if you are looking for a good insurable industry qualification and is accredited with the IPHM for membership and insurance. 


On this course, you will cover [not exhaustive], the meanings and uses of the three Reiki Symbols that Dr Mikao Usui was given whilst meditating on Mount Kurama.  You will also be shown how to use these symbols when carrying out a Reiki Treatment and also how to use these symbols in everyday life.


You will be taught how to carry out a distant healing session amongst other things.


Also, receive another 4 attunements which will enhance the energy that you were opened up to on your Reiki Level One (1st Degree) course.  Until further notice and due to government guidelines, Reiki attunements will use Gyoshi Ho to replace the blowing of the breath as part of the attunement process.


The content of this course meets all the requirements of;-

The National Occupational Standards (NOS)

and adheres to the Code of Conduct set out by;-

The Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) and

The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)


However, IF, you are looking for an Accredited Qualification so that you can practice your Reiki therapy as a Reiki Practitioner within a health or social care service environment, then you would need further training on top of this Reiki Level Two (2nd Degree) Traditional Certificate to comply with the Core Curriculum for Reiki.  This additional level of training would also allow you to be registered on the Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register which has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.  Please contact me for further details about this level of training.

Training at your own venue is also available [with the addition of travel and accommodation costs as required] if you would like training at your own venue.


2nd & 3rd April Course - Now Full

23rd & 24th April Course - Now Full

Course Fee £200.
A £50 deposit is payable at the time of booking.