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Reiki Courses, Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire.

Accredited Reiki Master in Hazel Grove, Stockport.
Offering a range of Reiki courses and treatments
as well as other Holistic Therapies.

Reiki Courses & Top Up Attunements at Olettesa, Stockport

The Dr Usui's System of training was developed to be given in three distinct stages Degrees or Levels as they are sometimes called. 

Level One or First Degree, Level Two or Second Degree (Practitioner), and Level Three (Master/Teacher) or Degree 3 (Master/Teacher).  Here at Olettesa that system is honoured and is detailed in-depth in the links below.

If you are considering Reiki just for self-healing or perhaps interested in Reiki for family and friends and even your pets, it is very important that you enrol on a reputable course to learn the ancient art of Reiki Healing with Masters/Teachers that are dedicated to their work and have the correct certification and qualifications that allow them to teach. 

Choosing the right teacher is important, as well as finding someone who can teach you when you are available to learn.  I know that there are internet courses that may be appealing, but please be aware that if you proceed from your Reiki Level 1 Course onto a Reiki Level 2 Course whether Traditional or Accredited, to enable you to work on General public, most reputable insurance companies will not cover a Reiki internet qualification.  You can not achieve a Reiki Degree over the internet.  Becoming a  Reiki Practitioner requires the student to be initiated by attunements from a Reiki Master which are to be carried out in person. 

I am also aware that there are courses out there that are being run over 1 day, and that either the 4 attunements are carried out on the same day or even that only 1 or 2 attunements are carried out.  The attunement process is an ancient process that is impossible to be done over the internet and such sites are misleading.  Attunements also need to be given at set intervals to allow the energy passed on to settle before the next attunement is given.  Olettesa Reiki & Holistic Therapies is committed to passing the Dr Usui system of healing on correctly to all students in its correct form and teaching the correct symbols.

The Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two Traditional Certificate and Reiki Accredited Practitioner Qualification Courses and the Reiki Master Certification are taught by myself, Lisa.  Being an Accredited Reiki Master, your training will benefit from the knowledge and professional guidance that has been handed down to me through my lineage, not only from my Master but other Masters within my lineage.  You will also thrive working with the energies that a Master/Teacher can show, and demonstrate to you in person.  


The courses I provide here in Hazel Grove, Stockport, are based on a limited number of students to ensure that each person is given 100% attention at each stage.  

The Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two Traditional Certificate Courses are both run over a duration of 2 consecutive days giving you, the Student,15 hours of Theory and Practical training and the support you receive on your course does not stop when you leave but will continue as and when you need it.

The Reiki Accredited Practitioners Qualification comprises Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two, along with additional study hours, level of course work and assessments.  This Accredited Qualification is carried out over a minimum period of 9 months.  Please head over to the Reiki Accredited Practitioners Qualification page for more details. 

A FREE buffet and refreshments will be supplied on all courses.  Please indicate when booking of any special dietary requirements (i.e. Allergies, Vegetarian etc...).

Although most training is carried out here at the Olettesa Therapy room here in Hazel Grove, Stockport, training can also be carried out at your own venue either as a group session or a 1-2-1 session.  If you would like training at your own venue.  I am able to provide training courses outside Stockport in areas locally such as Tameside and Oldham and travel further afield to areas such as Tarporley, Hull, Glastonbury and beyond.  In these instances, there may be the addition of possible travel and accommodation costs as required but these can be discussed at the time of enquiry.

To enquire about any of the courses either contact me via the contact link below or to book the course click on the course you would like to book on below to take you to the relative course.

Please Note:- If you have already received your Reiki Level One training elsewhere but would like to continue your Reiki training with Olettesa Reiki and Holistic Therapies, please contact me prior to booking on the Reiki Level Two Course.  Further details with regard to your training and lineage will be required.

My overall advice is to check any master's qualifications and make sure it's not been carried out as an online course.

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