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Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing is a holistic treatment, meaning that the treatment restores health and balance at all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.  It is a therapy that harnesses the natural healing powers that are contained within crystals, which have grown and evolved over millions of years in the earth.  


In terms of energy, crystals have many properties.  They have the potential to produce, retain, amplify and channel energy.  Put simply, when we interact with a crystal, the energy within each atom within the crystal begins to oscillate at a precise frequency thus creating waves of vibrating positive energy through the crystal and this energy transfers from the crystal to the body and supports the energetic system. 

​A body that is vibrating and flowing with the natural rhythm of life force energy is a healthy body however when our energy system becomes stagnant or blocked this is when we start to feel out of sorts and become ill.


Crystal Therapy is a very natural way of rebalancing the energy within the body and the therapist will assess where the energy may be out of balance.  Then by choosing the appropriate crystals they, in turn, will be using their own unique vibrating energy that will re-balance the energy flow within the meridians and chakras.

Enjoy a nice 1 hour relaxing treatment.  

1 Hour £40

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