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Group Meditation Session at Olettesa, Hazel Grove, Stockport


I offer 2 types of guided Meditation.  Either as a one to one session or a group session of up to 8 people. 


There are many things that are beyond our control, but we can take responsibility for our own states of mind and change them for the better.  Meditation can help us with this by helping to reduce stress and anxiety.  Improve our concentration and memory.  Gain clarity and positivity giving us a calm view of the true nature of things, increasing happiness and our outlook on life. 


Through regular practice and over time we learn our mind’s habits and cultivate new and more positive ways, transforming our understanding of life and actions within it.  Meditation has also been known to help improve sleep and strengthen the immune system. 

This class is suitable for complete beginners to those already used to meditation.


Each meeting consists of a guided meditation which enables the development, step by step, of greater calm and awareness through mindfulness of breathing.

You can either sit or lie down for this meditation session.  If you wish to lie down please bring a cushion and mat.  Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. If you would rather sit on a chair that is completely fine.

1-2-1 Guided Meditations can be tailored to suit your specific needs and can range from 1/2 an hour session or an hour session.  Book your appointment on our bookings page.

Group Guided Meditations are run twice monthly from 7pm-8.30pm.  Actual Meditation session will start at 7.30pm  Doors will close at 7.20pm.  There is a maximum of 8 people for the Group Meditations.  Please check the calendar for dates.  Please ensure you book your place to avoid disappointment.  A different meditation will be our focus at each session.

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