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Hydrotherm is a truly innovative concept that allows you to receive a relaxing or remedial massage therapy whilst laying on your back for the duration of your treatment.

A deep, profoundly relaxing and beneficial massage technique, enhancing the effects of treatment into a new dimension - naturally.

The Hydrotherm heated, water-filled cushions, support & comfort the entire body, keeping your muscles warm so that they can be gently (or firmly) worked on to release tension without any risk of injury.

Hydrotherm water-filled cushions, assist in perfect spinal alignment. Men and women, babies and the elderly benefit from the unique Hydrotherm experience, for the mind, body and spirit. Everyone can enjoy a sense of well-being, pleasure and sheer indulgence.


* Your entire treatment is carried out while you lay face

* No need to disturb you to get you to turn over halfway through

* No Face Hole marks when your treatment has finished


Experience a wonderful soothing feeling of total revitalisation, regeneration and harmony.

Release tension in the neck, shoulders and back with this 30-minute back massage.

30 Minute Back Massage £35

Or if you would like to ease all those muscle aches and pains with a full body massage then this 60-minute session is just for you.

60 Minute Full Body £50

Or why not indulge yourself with a full 'top to toe' 75 Minute relaxing Hydrotherm Massage including facial and foot massage.  

75 Minute top to toe  £60

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